<![CDATA[LISAFIT4HEALTH© - Clients]]>Thu, 10 Dec 2015 02:28:37 -0800EditMySite<![CDATA[OCB Eastern Regionals with Amy Virk 4/14/2012]]>Sun, 15 Apr 2012 18:36:18 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/clients/ocb-eastern-regionals-with-amy-virk-4142012Congratulations Amy!!!

Last night, Amy participated in her very first bodybuilding competition. She did three figure divisions: debut short class, novice short class and open. She did a stellar job. She placed fourth in her novice short class division. Though she did not place in all of the classes; she won before ever stepping on stage.

I couldn't be more proud. Amy looked amazing. Over the course of 14 weeks she really changed her body by losing anywhere from a half inch to two inches in certain areas. Below are the changes she made.

11 weeks out

High Chest: 33.5
Across the nipples: 34.5
Under the breast: 34
High waist: 27
Hips: 34
Butt: 37.5
Girth: 17.5 

13.5 weeks out

1 Day before Bodybuilding Show

High Chest: 33
Across the nipples: 33
Under the breast: 33
High Waist: 25.5
Hips: 32.5
Butt: 35.5
Girth: 17.5

4/14/2012 Show time

Stage Walk

Amy's stage walk was great! She looked so comfortable on stage, and her stage presence is awesome. She did her T-walk to Michael Jackson's Pretty Young Thing, and it was a perfect fit for her. 

Next Season

For now, Amy plans to take a break to build muscle, and to give her body a rest. 
<![CDATA[Amy Virk 3.16.21012]]>Sat, 17 Mar 2012 12:30:25 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/clients/amy-virk-31621012I met with Amy last night, and her changes are great. She is leaning out, and the carbohydrate cycling works well for her. She's lost two pounds, and her composition has changed a lot. Her waistline has come in greatly from the first photos. Her transformation is fabulous with nearly four weeks left. 

Posing & Presentation

Although we are always working on the diet and training; posing and presentation is detrimental at this point. It's the fine line that can reduce your score easily so we are working on her poses and stage walk. The fine tuning is grueling, but Amy is coming through. 

Off-season Planning

Although Amy's show is not for another four weeks we already talked about her off-season preparation for another show. My recommendation is to wait until next spring to do another show. This gives her time to enjoy the summer, friends and family without the worry of dieting. 

It also gives her time to build muscle. She has a small waist and great legs and if she brings up her upper body she's going to be working with an entirely different physique next season.
<![CDATA[Amy Virk 3/3/2012]]>Sun, 04 Mar 2012 03:48:50 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/clients/amy-virk-332012It's been several weeks since I've posted about Amy. Not because there hasn't been anything to write about, but because I forgot my camera for updated pics.  Even without the updates I can say that Amy is doing great. 
Amy increased her cardio, but our biggest change is her nutrition. She began carbohydrate cycling two weeks ago, which is tough. It's super hard work, but Amy is doing her best.
Within the past few weeks Amy also had oral surgery, and took some time off from training-- doctor's orders. Now she's back on track.
We increased the reps in her sets because she's five weeks out [by my rules]. I never count the last week in pre-contest prep because that last week is gliding into the bodybuilding show. At this point, it's all about conditioning and smiling on stage.

Posing Like your on Stage

For someone who has never competed, or doesn't have the inclination to, I cannot describe how hard posing is.  Since Amy is close to her show we are manipulating and tweaking every single pose. As she gets leaner, each pose will be "tighter."

Each posing session is enacted as if she's on stage. Her pre-contest off-stage posing should be no different than her contest, stage posing. 

Through out one session this is what she hears over, and over,  and over.
  • Bring it in tighter.
  • Sit on your abs. 
  • Don’t' let your abs go.
  • Twist it more.
  • Pop your quad.
  • Pop your back calf.
  • Bring your foot out. 
  • Parallel elbows.
  • Bring your arm in.
  • Stick your butt out. 
  • Keep your chin up. 
  • Smile. Smile. Smile....
The cliché of sounding like a broken record could not be truer. Through it all Amy smiles, twists, and turns while trying to breathe. Though breathing is a natural occurrence it is very easy to hold your breath while on stage. This is a no-no.

Amy's T-walk

This is Amy on 2/11/2012; three weeks ago. I do wish I was a better videographer, and had a better camera, but this will give you an idea of what her stage walk will look like.  

Since this time,  her composition has changed so we really tightened the poses, as well as manipulated her walk to suit her better. We kept the walk simple and clean, which means nothing too fancy, but more than enough to show off Amy's hard work.
<![CDATA[Amy Virk 2/10/12]]>Sun, 12 Feb 2012 01:33:43 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/clients/amy-virk-21012Amy and I met for posing. We took a day off from training even though I normally train Amy on the days we meet. Sometimes it's necessary.

Taking a day off

Some coaches might see this as a mistake, especially with nine weeks left, but I think it's more of a mistake not to listen to your body. Competing is very taxing mentally and physically. Although everyone wants to win I just think some things are counterproductive, and I also believe that it can take the fun out of the entire process.
My job is to push when it's needed, but to listen to the spoken and unspoken words of any client, as well.  Although Amy made no complaints, it was time to take a day off.

Amy's physical Changes

From looking at Amy I can tell her waistline has come in more. She is changing week by week, and looks good. We choreographed her T-walk and she is practicing her stage walk and mandatory quarter turns which are coming along nicely.  

We further manipulated the poses, as well as added new poses to Amy's stage walk. As she gets leaner the poses will be tweaked even more. 

Between the last set of photos and this set it's visible to see that the crease in her abdomen is much smoother. She has also learned how to open-up her lats so they are seen during the front mandatory pose. 

Awesome job Amy!
<![CDATA[Amy Virk 1/28/12]]>Sun, 29 Jan 2012 01:05:58 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/clients/amy-virk-12812Amy and I met for her session today and I'm so proud of her. Amy is working with weights on her days without me, but we worked on full body conditioning today.
The session was comprised of eight exercises with high repetitions. The heaviest weight was a 45lb. plate for one exercise, and the lightest was with a band. By far, it was different and grueling, but she did great!

Between training and posing we took pictures to see what physical changes happened in the last three weeks. 

Amy's physical changes

Amy is 126lb. Her weight has not changed, but her physical changes are visible. 

Her grail, a.k.a holy grail, in her upper back is showing. It's difficult to see in this photo, but Amy's shoulder separations are showing, also. 
Amy's legs are showing excellent separations, and her calves are beautiful. Her abdominal area is where she's carrying her weight, but the changes are visible. In comparison to her first photos her abdominal area is smaller, and her upper abs appear tighter.

On many athletes the abs are usually the last to come in. With the right combination of diet and training her abdominal area will tighten up. 

I also know some tricks for skin preparation so we'll deal with that when the time comes. 

Future plans

Amy ordered her posing suit from Vandella Costumes, and is researching additional poses for her stage walk.

Next week, I'll choreograph her  stage walk, and that will be another component of her figure journey under way.

Tonight, she gets a cheat meal. Normally, Amy's last meal is a protein and non-starchy carbohydrates. Tonight she is adding a starchy carbohydrate to her dinner, and a small dessert. 

Many coaches do not believe in cheat meals and re-feeds. I'm not one of them.
<![CDATA[Amy Virk 1/14/11]]>Sun, 15 Jan 2012 00:43:10 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/clients/amy-virk-11411I spent some time with Amy today.  We took her measurements and weighed in. She is on track, and has lost a pound bringing her weight to 126 lb. 

13 weeks out

When Amy and I first met last week, she was under the impression that she had 18.5 weeks left before her bodybuilding competition.

We planned to use the additional time to build muscle, but after recalculating we realized she was just under 14 weeks out. Since we have less time than we anticipated we have tweaked Amy's training again.

Our new projected goal

At this point we're not concerned with building muscle,  but keeping the muscle she has and losing body fat. Her diet is where it should be, and we'll make changes to it when the times come. Now, is not the time though.  
Amy's side relaxed quarter turn. She looks very comfortable, but poised.
Fancy foot work to boot

We also worked on Amy's foot work, and walking style to prepare her for her mandatory quarter turns and stage walk (T-walk). This is so important for any competitor. There is nothing worse than looking great, and floundering on stage.

Her physical changes

In just the last week I can see a difference every where, but especially her legs.
With the changes in her legs we also changed her posing to suit them better. Her legs are a strong point, and we want the poses to accentuate her legs.

This simple change in Amy's posing changes her entire look. 

<![CDATA[Amy Virk 1/7/2011]]>Mon, 09 Jan 2012 18:09:07 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/clients/amy-virk-172011Welcome my new client Amy. 

She's in her early 20's, and  wants to compete in the OCB Eastern Regional bodybuilding show. She plans to do figure. Her bodybuilding show is on April 14, 2012, which is 13 weeks, 5 days away.

Amy's Figure Journey

Amy has weight trained for two months so there are specifics we will work on to accomplish her goal.  
At this point our challenge is to build muscle and lose fat during contest prep. Building muscle on her nutrition plan is possible, but very difficult since dieting is catabolic-- breaks down tissue.

Fat dispersment in women is usually higher in the abdomen and lower body. Amy carries her weight here.

She is 5'2, 127 lb. and @21% body fat. We will take measurements this upcoming weekend.

Our goal
Our goal is to build and spare Amy's muscle, while creating a leaner physique. Amy is leaner in her upper body so my goal is to salvage muscle through her shoulders and back, but to reduce fat in her lower body and abdomen.

We are working on her nutrition program in order to achieve this. I did not create her initial nutrition program, but thought the calories too low so I increased them for now. 

We have changed her weight training program, also.

Points to work on

  • Develop upper body
  • Reduce abdominal area
  • T-walk
  • Poses 
  • Build strength
  • Lower body fat
  • Increase muscle mass
Amy has a great frame to work with, and has very good potential. She has square shoulders, a small upper waist, shapely legs, and excellent calves. Amy is also very determined.
<![CDATA[Janie Gibbs 4/2011]]>Fri, 06 Jan 2012 08:00:52 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/clients/1Janie Gibbs competed in her first bodybuilding event in 2011. She opted to do figure which is a division of  bodybuilding. She's the mother of one son and in her mid 40's. 

Janie was coached for posing, presentation and nutrition. The coaching was comprehensive and also included everything from learning to walk, as well as posing suit, makeup and shoe selections and more.  
For Janie's skin presentation I prepped her with the appropriate tanner for stage lighting. 

Her hard work and dedication earned her a place among the top five in her class. She came in 5th place in the NPC Mid Illinois bodybuilding show, better known as the Ottawa.

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