<![CDATA[LISAFIT4HEALTH© - Blog]]>Wed, 02 Dec 2015 02:56:07 -0800EditMySite<![CDATA[DIY project: 2015 Christmas wreath]]>Sun, 22 Nov 2015 13:31:44 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/blog/diy-project-2015-christmas-wreathI've been searching for a wreath since we moved into our new home, but couldn't find one I particularly liked; especially for the prices.  I've waited months to see what the Christmas season would present, but when Jaden and I went through our Christmas decorations I found all the items I purchased last year for 90% off. We decided they could make a beautiful wreath. 
Last year, my purchase included shatterproof balls, pinecone and flower inserts, ribbon, bows, and a mishmash of other things. All things I wasn't exactly sure what to do with. However, they looked like they would be great for future projects.

The only thing I could not find after the holidays was the unadorned wreath. I purchased a  a 36" wreath and wire from Walmart the other day, and Jaden and I went to work on our Christmas wreath. 
This is our finished product. Jaden placed the flowers and balls where she wanted them, and  I used wire, instead of hot glue, to keep our inserts in place. 
<![CDATA[Caramel apple monkey bread cake recipe]]>Wed, 11 Nov 2015 23:12:42 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/blog/caramel-apple-monkey-bread-cake-recipeOver the weekend I made monkey bread cake, also known as pull apart cake. Various recipes have been around for years, and I remember my mom making it when I was in grade school. However, this has a slight spin to the recipe, but I hope you love it. 

Caramel apple monkey bread cake ingredients
4 Cans Pilsbury biscuits (blue) quartered
1 Cup white sugar
1 Tbs cinnamon 
1 Can apple pie filling
1 Stick butter
1 Cup brown sugar
Pecans (optional)
Ingredients for Caramel Apple Monkey Bread Cake.
Preheat oven to 350*.

​Pour the sugar and cinnamon in a bowl, container, or paper bag. Place the quartered biscuits in the container and thoroughly cover all the biscuits. Place the pecans in the bundt pan, as well as the first layer of biscuits. Layer half the can of apple pie filling in the pan. Continue this process until the apples and biscuits are in the pan. . 
Biscuits in sugar and cinnamon mix. Layer of pecans and biscuits.
Layers apples and biscuits.

​Once all the biscuits are in the pan, melt the butter and brown sugar in a container. Pour the mixture over the apples and biscuits. This will caramelize. 

​I recommend placing the bundt pan over another pan so the caramel doesn't drip in the oven. 

Butter and brown sugar mixture poured over the apples and biscuits.
Bake this delectable concoction on 350* for 50 to 60 minutes. Once the cake is out of the oven let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Place it on a cake stand.
Baked at 350* for 50 to 60 minutes.
I broke my cake stand so this had to do. It did not change the taste of the cake though! It was delicious!
By the way, I'm a believer in moderation. This might be a health and wellness site, but I still love great tasting food. Instead of eating the whole caramel apple monkey bread cake, have a slice and share the rest with friends and family. 
<![CDATA[Lost]]>Wed, 28 Oct 2015 09:48:25 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/blog/lostIt's another early day and I've decided to post a short blog post. Who am I kidding? I know it's going to be a long one. I think I just wrote that to lure you in.

I've been thinking a lot lately, and am very unsure of the next steps in my life. I have spent the last decade doing what I think is the best and right thing for everyone else, and somewhere along the way I lost sight of things. I became fearful, and full of resentment. Externally I seem pleasant and okay, but internally things are frayed and raw.

Although I do the best to keep things balanced, they no longer feel that way. The scale has surely begun to weigh heavily on the negative side. Positivity has taken a back seat.  I feel that things need to change, and my plans are to make those changes each day with small gradual steps to find myself again.

For years my direction has been all over, and usually with one step forward, and sixteen back. Obvioulsy success is never linear, and there are many mistakes and setbacks along the way, but sometimes, a straight shot to success would be wonderul for the tiniest goals. 

That's something else I noticed that I lost sight of. My goals. I haven't set realistic, or even unrealistic goals, for quite some time. These have been forgotten and not replaced with anything meaningful. 

I often wonder if balance is cruel joke that only a few people get. Or is it a lifelong obsession that never amounts to anything?]]>
<![CDATA[Oliver tales: Life beyond the rescue]]>Sun, 11 Oct 2015 17:24:32 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/blog/olivers-tale-life-beyond-the-rescue
Sunday morning treat
Boy, have things changed in our household! Little Oliver Twist warms up our home with his affections. His excited greetings are so full of love that we can't get enough of him. The kids love having a dog, but I realize just how much I missed having one. 

The kids love him. Josh loves him. But, momma looooooooves him.

Our routine is routine, and I enjoy them as much, or maybe even more than, Oliver. Our days start with walks, and then it's snuggle time. I also use this time to teach him new tricks, and in the last five weeks he has learned to shake, sit, and lay down. He mastered roll over last week, too. I introduced, "Bang! You're dead," to him this week. We'll see how it goes. 

A call bell is by the back door for the little guy. I work with him to ding the bell when he needs to go out. He sits by the door already, but we don't always see him since he's so small, and he doesn't whine or bark. In time, he'll be driving us nuts with the bell. Ha! 

I also changed his food. I noticed that Stars of GA has Taste of the Wild on their wish list so I switched to this brand. He is really enjoying it, and I prefer the ingredients of it over Wellness; which is what he was on.

Each weekend Oliver Twist also gets a bath and his ears cleaned. He gets his nails clipped if needed, and gets a new bone. I try to brush his teeth regularly, but this is a toughie. He hates to have his teeth brushed, and he doesn't enjoy riding in the car. Motion sickness definitely works against him, but we make do.  

Hanging out under the island while I cook.
Oliver's new winter jacket.
Anyhow, he goes outside regularly with the kids, but each night we play chase with him for 45 minutes to an hour. Sometimes, the kids don't last as long, but I'll hang with the little guy until he's so tired he flops down, and I carry him into the house like a little baby. 

Yes, I have personified him. I tell him regularly, "You're just a little baby." Oi vey... My tough exterior has melted; turned to complete mush. I already have a Chrstmas list for him. He needs  the pleather jacket I saw and more toys. He usually skins and strips any toy with stuffing, or a squeaker, so he needs flat toys he can shake and throw. And balls; he's a baller. We found a Chase and Chomp ball that rattles and he loves it. 

My dad told me the other day, "I know he's y'alls dog, but that's your dog. I'd love to be a dog in your house. You get your own chair, specially ordered food, a basket with toys, and beds and blankets everywhere. And the treats...Damn. I'd love to be a dog in your house." All jokes aside, this comment makes me feel great!

I know, suddenly I seem like a crazy dog lady, but he's a perfect little fella. I just can't help myself. 
Call bell for going outside.
<![CDATA[Mashed potato and carrot  recipe]]>Wed, 07 Oct 2015 22:29:01 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/blog/mashed-potato-and-carrot-recipe
This is another super simple recipe. I put together a tasty mashed potato and carrot dish.

Scrub each potato and carrot with a veggie brush. Slice or dice them uniformly. I had sliced carrots on hand so that's what I used. Place the potatoes and carrots in a pot of boiling water. While they are still firm pour the water out, and replace it with chicken stock. Add one clove of garlic, dried or fresh chives, and pepper. I also added salt after tasting it. 

Let the potatoes and carrots cook until they are fork tender. Add milk and butter. Add  more seasonings to taste, and use an immersion blender, potato masher or potato ricer  to mash the ingredients.
  • 6 Yukon gold potatoes
  • 10 new red potatoes
  • 1 cups carrots
  • 2 cups chicken stock
  • 1 cup 2% milk
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Chives
  • 2T Butter
Let the potatoes and carrots cook down if you find them a bit too liquidy. 
<![CDATA[Super simple homemade pear sauce recipe]]>Sun, 04 Oct 2015 00:16:34 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/blog/super-simple-homemade-pear-sauce-recipe

Pear Sauce Recipe

Once again, this is super simple. The most difficult part is peeling the pears. Once they're washed and peeled I cut the flesh away from the seeds. I do not have a apple peeler/corer so I have to do it by hand. This takes a lot of time. Infiltrate help if someone who can help you. 
These pears are gorgeous. Perfect in each and every way. The smallest pear is the size of a baseball, but the average is softball size. They feel a bit hard, but are delectible once bitten into. They were given to me by my friend Mr. Ken, and I found a wonderful use for them: Homemade pear sauce. 

I made a huge vat of pear sauce. The measurements are estimated since I don't normallly measure my ingredients. 
  • 20lb pears+
  • 5 cups water
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Salt 
I brought all of the ingredients to a boil, and used an immersion blender to fully break down the pears. The pears simmered on low for ten minutes. After, I turned them off and let them sit on the burner for another thirty minutes.
Once the sauce was cool I spooned it into quart size freezer bags. I froze size bags, and put a huge container in the refrigerator for the family. 

Enjoy it over granola

I made a quick breakfast granola with oats, raisins, honey and cinnamon. While it was still hot I added half and half to it, and ladled  homemade warm pear sauce over the top. It was delicious.
<![CDATA[Oliver Tales: Our Rescue Dog from STARS of GA]]>Tue, 22 Sep 2015 09:15:32 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/blog/oliver-tales-our-rescue-dog-from-stars-of-gaWhen it comes to animals, there's a fine line between sanity, love and sheer obsession. There are those who don't care at all, while other's care so much  it seems their heart bursts with each soul they come in contact with. 

Then there's someone like me who seems aloof, and acts like they don't care either way. However, that's not me by any means. My aloofness doesn't come with disliking animals, but rather that I am a responsible pet owner. I always have been, and unless I feel I can fully care for an animal for the legnth of it's life; I won't have one. It's just not fair. 

For years our kid's, especially my Jaden, has asked for a dog. For years I have said no. We've moved regularly, and lived in apartments. As much as I love apartment living (I really love it) it's not what I consider the best living standards for an animal. 

However, five months ago we purchased our home, with more than enough room for a four legged pal. However, I held off. Even with a privacy fence I held off due to the extra responsibility, and knowing when the kids get bored some day, it would be me to keep its stead. 
Monrovia Black Diamond Red Hot Crepe Myrtle
Coleus, Wedding Train Coleus, Vincas, Black Canna, Evolvus, Petunias and more.

A visitor stops by: The big black dog

When did things change? Two weeks ago, a beautiful Doberman mix showed up in our back yard while Jaden and I were planting. He was gorgeous, and didn't have a tag on his collar, which is stupidly common in this area. That meant he was fair game for Jaden. She wanted him, and I wanted her to have him. In the meantime Josh comes out, looks at the big fella, and knows he's someones. We did not keep him, and Jaden was crushed. 

Later, I stood at the bottom of the stairs eaves dropping on a conversation Josh was having with Jaden. It was about responsibility, and perhaps, if she started doing the things she's asked maybe mommy would let her have one. I listened to this little chat and thought it over, and over, and I watched my sweet girl pick up her clothes, and make her bed each morning there after. 

I decided it was time. Josh went out of town for his last week of training with Verizon, but was back for good after the weekend. I sent him numerous messages and spoke with him about the possiblitly of "looking" at dogs. During this time, Jaden and Marcus found a dog on Petfinder, and he was in a local rescue. Josh was more than willing to visit the rescue with me when he came back. 

This too was another standard that we talked about in the past. Buying a dog from a pet store was out of the question. It had to come from a shelter or rescue. 

As I write this it seems I am a tyrant, but again, it's about responsibility. The shelters and rescues are over run with poor souls that human beings don't care for. Our family would/will not add to this careless behavior.  

Anyhow, with one email to STARS of GA my husband and I were able to set an appointment to see Oliver, a small terrier mix.

Saturday 9/5/2015 at Save The Animals Rescue Society of Georgia

PictureFirst meeting with Oliver at STARS of GA.
Saturday came. The sky was gray, but perfect for a pet adoption. We drove into the "country", and found the rescue, which overlooks a pond and is surrounded by trees. This is where we met Sissy. She runs the rescue, and is the final say for anyone who gets a beloved animal. We didn't know what to expect besides getting a chance to see the little fella. 

Meanwhile, I did know she's a wonderful caregiver for the animals. My friend recommended her and the STARS of GA rescue when we began the process of looking for a dog. She explained the process her little Dina went through as a rescue dog, and that Sissy treated her wonderfully during her stay. As fate would have it, the dog Jaden and Marcus wanted was at this particular rescue. 

Sissy asked about the kids, but they couldn't make it. I made a mistake with the kid's weekend schedule, and promised my mom and dad they could go to Atlanta. I felt horrible, but I promised Jaden and Marcus I would visit little Oliver; no matter what. 

Then it happened. She introduced us to little Oliver. He is a Terrier mix, with a black and tan mask and white chest. He came out of the gate, a bit shy, but cute as pie. He trotted, jumped a little and even let out a little bark. He was darling. 

Sissy asked if we had experience with small dogs and I had in the past. However, Oliver is not the typical small dog. He is active and playful, but not hyper, and not yappy. We spent an hour playing and talking, and I fell in love.  Absolutely 100% in love. Josh, a big dog lover, was head over heels over the little fella.

As Sissy would have it; she allowed us to adopt the little fella that day. It was glorious. Since the kids were not with us Josh and I could not wait to surprise them with Oliver. 

At Petco. Our first shopping trip.
A long day for this pup. He needed a nap.

Sept 21, 2015: Several weeks later

Oliver is doing famously in our house. He's the most popular one here, and receives unconditional love every moment possible. We all adore him. I catch Josh speaking to him in baby talk, which is a sight since Josh looks like a silverback gorilla. Oliver's pure joy, and a big responsibility that my kids have adapted to easily.

I walk him in the early mornings when I get up, but they "run" him each morning in the back yard before school. They also make sure he's fed and watered, and pick up poop like champions. They are more apt to clean their rooms and keep things off the floor since Oliver is a bit of a chewer. Each night they help put away "Boogs'" toys, as well as take him out to the back yard each night before bed to "run" him. This entails a major game of chase with a ball stuffed in a dirty sock. Yes, that's gross, but it's what Oliver Twist loves. Oliver has been a great help with teaching the kids basic responsibilities, but also in teaching them that animals are living, breathing creatures that must be cared for. 

I am in love

As for me; I'm in love. Little Oliver Twist has me seeing hearts. Yes, I said it. Each morning I look forward to letting him out of the crate, and walking him. It's just the two of us enjoying the fresh air. I spend the next thirty minutes playing, snuggling and teaching Oliver new tricks before anyone else wakes up. With some treats, and a lot of praise and love, he knows how to sit, shake and lay down. He has nearly mastered "roll-over." This fella is pawesome and unbelievably smart.

Besides receiving lots of love; he's spoiled rotten. We cannot help ourselves. He has a bed upstairs and down stairs. Oliver has his own chair, and a snuggle blanket, as well a down blanket for the cold evenings. His basket of toys is piled high, and the beef bones are just part of his evening ritual for chewing. 

Oh, and clothes. We're waiting for those to arrive. 

For more information on STARS of GA

Please contact STARS of GA for information on adoptions, fostering or donations. It is a nonprofit organization that runs on fumes to keep animals in good health. Many of these animals have special needs due to the conditions found in. Many need updated vaccines, spaying/neutering, surgeries, and micro chipping. Although these are the big bills, it's the basic maintenance that adds up. Food, cleaning supplies, and man power do not come cheap, and every penny counts. 

STARS of GA Wish List

<![CDATA[My precious Wolfgang Puck braiser: Chicken in gravy]]>Sun, 20 Sep 2015 20:19:50 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/blog/my-precious-braiser-chicken-in-gravy
Wolfgang Puck braiser.
This beauty has been at my parents house for months. Man, have I missed you!
Chicken in gravy.
Chicken in gravy, and served over rice. I'll have some veggies with it, too. Not necessarily the healthiest, but delicious. 
<![CDATA[Super simple kitchen drawer organization]]>Sat, 05 Sep 2015 13:34:47 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/blog/super-simple-kitchen-drawer-organization
Seriously, it doesn't get any better than this! 

My kitchen drawers are slightly narrow, and my utensil holder has a lip around it. The holder sits on the drawer ledge, but there's still space to close the drawer. It also leaves enough room below to store wooden spoons, spatulas, or other tools. The utensil holder easily slides back and forth to make the spoons accessible, also. I do have to lift the holder from the front end sometimes, but that's little concern to me. 

It cost about $7 for the utensil holder, and worth millions for organizational purposes.
<![CDATA[Restaurant Review: Son’s Döner Kebab, Statesboro, Georgia 30458]]>Sun, 02 Aug 2015 00:54:18 GMThttp://www.cptlisamwhite.com/blog/restaurant-review-sons-doner-kebab-statesboro-georgia-30458Picture
It's been a long time since I've done a restaurant review, but I've found a real gem to write about. It's Son’s Döner Kebab. It's a German fast food restaurant located at 17 College Plaza, Statesboro GA. 

The restaurant is small with five or six tables, and easily disregarded if you're not looking for it, but don't make that mistake. Son, the owner, serves döners (gyros) and they are worth every succulent bite. 

I'll be honest, I visited Germany for three days many years ago, but I don't know much about the culture. What I do know is Son serves the freshest food in Statesboro. Kaila, the best nurse around, and I, normally eat at Son’s Döner Kebab once or twice a week for lunch. 

Each time we enter we are greeted by the cashier, and by Son. Kaila and I are outgoing, perhaps on the obnoxious side, but Son and his staff treat us like family. They are friendly, and efficient, and we never have a long wait even when the restaurant is packed. It could not be a nicer setting for delicious food.

Döner Kebab

The döner kebabs are wonderful. The chicken, lamb and beef can be seen roasting on the vertical rotisseries, and fresh vegetables are piled high to choose from. Kaila and I always get the #2 with chicken, all the veggies, and garlic yogurt sauce. We never deviate from it because it's delicious!

The meat is tender, and never dry. It's flooded with vegetables, and served with a side of yogurt or garlic yogurt sauce. Both sauces are a fantastic addition to the döner so you can't go wrong with either. Fries are also available, as well as Baba Tea Slushies and canned sodas.

How Son's fits into my life style

One of the most difficult things for me when competing is eating out. I'm particular about it, and not just for caloric values, but due to customer service, cleanliness and freshness. I don't expect every restaurant to be stellar, but I do expect fresh food when it's advertised as that. Son's restaurant delivers on all accounts. 

Son’s Döner Kebab

17 College Plaza
Statesboro, Ga 30458
Son’s Döner Kebab has the best food in Statesboro.
Meet Son. He is the heart of this whole operation.